What are Yacht Girls?

There are various challenges and controversies surrounding the term “Yacht Girls.” These include negative perceptions, criticism, and possible connections to human trafficking; however, industry proponents also argue in favor of personal choice and agency.

Women installed on yachts during Cannes Film Festival are known as “yacht girls.” There can be little differentiation between professional prostitutes and B- or C-list Hollywood actresses who accept payments for sexual relations with older men who pay them.

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On some of the superyachts that arrive at Cannes for the film festival, aspiring actresses and models are employed as yacht girls to serve champagne, attend parties, and have sex with other men – not quite prostitution but instead an unregulated sex trade in which these girls are paid and given gifts by their employers for providing services they are paid for.

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Instagram photos of beautiful women spending their days sipping champagne and socializing with Hollywood playboys aboard luxurious yachts can make us all green with envy, but behind all of that glittery glamour lies an illicit underworld of sexual exploitation, coercion, and trafficking.

Such practice known as yachting has long been one of Hollywood’s open secrets.

It all started in 2013 when The Hollywood Reporter published an investigative story detailing the secret world of women installed aboard luxury yachts during the Cannes Film Festival. According to this account, women on these yachts included professional prostitutes, B or C-list models, and actresses accepting payment from wealthy men for sexual services rendered – which would then receive an envelope full of cash at the end of their time aboard yachts.

Rumors swirl that celebrities like Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, and rising stars Emily Ratajkowski and Meghan Markle may be yacht girls. Additionally, in 2017, Malaysian businessman Jho Low allegedly used yacht girls to escape embezzlement charges against him.

Yachting can be an exciting and lucrative vacation activity. Girls may earn thousands per week during busy periods; certainly not as much as having their porn video on sites such as Redtube but still these women make thousands of dollars and expensive gifts. Most of these girls will often be accompanied by security personnel to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, this work comes with inherent risks that are not worth its price; not only could women face sexual exploitation but mental and physical trauma that lasts well beyond one bad experience – this is why it is crucial to conduct adequate research before hiring any yacht girl.

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Boat travel is much faster than driving, and using a private yacht allows access to locations that would otherwise be inaccessible by car – providing an exciting way to spend your day!

Yacht Girls has recently gained much-deserved popularity as it follows the lives of young women working on luxury yachts in the Caribbean. This series depicts them working, flirting, fighting, and finding romance while trying to keep afloat during the charter season; hopeless crew romances make for compelling viewing – yet their sexual harassment can be disturbing.

One episode shows an intoxicated guest asking Emily (Stewardess Emily) if he can see her V. At the same time, a third one (Stewardess Annabella) is pursued by an individual who pretends he has an erection over her, followed by Jen (Stewardess Jen) being touched inappropriately while serving dinner.

Though women on the show have access to a support network, many junior crew members remain reluctant to seek help, fearing that their troubles would leak and damage their careers. Furthermore, unions don’t exist onboard boats, and it is hard to enforce laws on vessels.

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Women working as escorts on yachts are known as “yacht girls.” This term implies they provide sexual services to wealthy men aboard boats. Yacht girls can make significant money from this lucrative profession while traveling around and living a lavish lifestyle; however, it also has a darker side where some women may become sexually exploited by clients they serve.

Yachting has become common at Cannes during the film festival when models and aspiring actresses frequent hotels and yacht parties. A former crew member of a mega yacht has revealed to MailOnline that the presence of “yacht girls” at parties held aboard certain boats was no secret. 

Models and actresses would do anything for an invitation – even pose nude alongside wealthy guests! As a result, Hollywood’s shadowy industry of modeling agencies has long been one of its open secrets, being used by rising stars and models to fast-track their careers while at the same time harboring hidden abuse, coercion, and sexual trafficking.

“Yachting,” the hit reality show that follows female yacht crew members’ daily lives and relationships onboard their vessel, has brought much-deserved attention to this phenomenon. The series chronicles their working lives, disagreements, and romance among themselves – becoming an instant binge-worthy hit with audiences everywhere! But what exactly goes down when cameras are not rolling?